Postcards from Nova Kakhovka. NFT drop
Art object - abandoned Enemy's BMP for a charity. Incomings will be converted into the help to the citizens of Nova Kakhovka.
Humanity, Nova Kakhovka:

On the morning of 24 February, Nova Kakhovka was occupied by the Russian troops. The volunteer organisation Humanity was set up on the 3rd day after the occupation and the siege began.

Several youths, with the financial support of the whole world, joined together to queue up at pharmacies and groceries in order to help the least protected citizens in the town in the first instance - retirees, people with disabilities and small children.
More than 20 people have joined the team on a permanent basis
Some are driving to buy cereals and preserves, some are delivering medicines and some are standing in queues. Priests have been given a vehicle pass for travelling between the nearest villages and they are responsible for the most critical tasks such as delivering patients for haemodialysis, humanitarian aid deliveries. Pharmacists help make lists and doctors advise the residents. There is a lot of work. Sometimes we manage to organise logistics from other cities and populated areas.

Closer to the 10th day since the start of the occupation - a veritable humanitarian disaster unfolded in the town: panicked people bought up most of the vital medicines, and the promised corridors have not worked (so far).

In this regard, we have started to work with the town's authorities which were before the occupation. We exchange available medicines and deliver humanitarian aid when we can.

Every day presents new challenges, but under occupation we are used to it, and we solve new problems as quick as possible. Unfortunately, we are not able to save everyone, but we are doing everything we can.

Our organisation's work is supported by donations from all over the world. At the moment only on Privat24 we received more than 500k UAH, our balance is almost always about 30-50 thousand hryvnias, all goes to the citizens’ needs.

After the war and the occupation is over, we will divert the account balances for the reconstruction of our town, primarily for cultural development.

Support Nova Kakhovka and its residents:

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